◆ Heliogen-Cu Phthalocyanine Blue & Green Pigments

◆ Paliogen-Organic Pigments

◆ Paliotol & Sico-Organic Pigments; Lithol-Azo Lak

◆ Sicomin-Chrome Yellow & Molybdate Organic Pigmen

◆ Sicopal-Inorganic & Sicotan-Iron Oxide pigments

◆ Sicotrans-Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments

◆ Paliotan-Combinations of Organic and Inorganic p

◆ Neozapon-Metal Complex Dyes for Solvent-based

◆ Basantol-Liquid Anionic Dyes for Aqueous Systems

◆ Basantol U-Liquid Dyes for Aqueous & Solvent Sys

◆ Color Paste-Liquid Pigment Preperations

◆ X-FAST-Stir-in Pigments Granules for Aqueous

◆CIBA Pigments

◆CIBA Dyestuff and Microlith

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