Right Base (Shanghai) Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

  • Since year 1992, Right Base has been serving the China Coating & Ink Industries.Now we deliver a comprehensive range of Additives Resins,Pigments,Dyes,Solvent,Waxes from:Deuchem,BASF,Honeywell,Angus(Dow) . Right Base also represents some brand name coating specialties from LanXess,Avis,Grace Davison,Deco and Givaudan.
  • Since year 1992,Right Base¡¯s sales channel has across most domestic regions comprising over 2,000 customers.We have service centers in ChangZhou,HangZhou,ChengDu,ChongQing with sales offices,warehouses and door-to-door delivery teams.
  • Since year 1992, Right Base has insisted on ¡®Customer Priority Policy¡¯.We keep introducing the state-of-art products and latest formulations from abroad. Right Base has hosted numerous technical seminars with foreign suppliers to upgrade the product qualities of our domestic customers,in most big cities.Our application laboratory can also provide value-plus services.
  • Since year 1992, Right Base has expanded from the Coating & Ink Industries to cover the Plastics,Candles,Household Chemicals Industries.
  • Since year 1992, Right Base has established ourselves as the Most Reliable and Efficient Partner in the Coating & Ink Industries.


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